DFMP Adapter with Folding stock adapter

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Custom Designed to suit Ruger PC Charger™ & PC9™ 

DIRECT FIT MULTI PURPOSE ADAPTER With Left hand fold to suit Ruger PC Charger™ & PC9™ 

with the easy drop in adapter & left hand folding stock adapter creates a comfortable stable shoot for any Ruger™ PC Charger™ & PC9™ enthusiast. 

The Drop-in adapter is super easy and while your changing out the old Charger mag-well to an glock adapter you may as well replace the rear Pic rail to an Drop-in adapter for the Folding Stock & Buffer Tube. For those shooters in other Australian States, we got you, DO NOT CUT OF THE PIC RAIL, our latest innovation stops the mutation of the PC Charger and saves your warranty. For more information contact ADMIN@ALFATACTICALSYSTEMS.COM

**magpul brace not included**